Staniel Air embraces ‘COVID-Smart’ Travel


Staniel Air embraces ‘COVID-Smart’ Travel

Lazy Bay Private Villas in Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

“The Staniel Air / Lazy Bay experience makes it easy to feel good about traveling again. Smaller, more contained venues, like a private villa, are simply smarter choices right now.”

Staniel Air, a boutique air service that provides flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the Exuma islands of the Bahamas, offers answers for those who are ready to travel but are still hesitant to do so. Through semi-private air service and private villa offerings, Staniel Air provides the traveler community with a solution that is thoughtful and diligent by design, through its ‘COVID-Smart’ travel approach

‘COVID-Smart’ travel is a mode of traveling more cautiously, by making travel and accommodation choices that offer selective, private and more isolated environments, providing the best chance of avoiding COVID-19, while also making extra safety precautions easy and accessible for travelers.

Staniel Air’s ‘COVID-Smart’ experience begins with requiring proof of negative COVID-19 PCR test from all travelers prior to boarding the flight. This means that when travelers fly with Staniel Air, all fellow passengers have been pre-screened. With only 9 passengers on board, the carrier offers a semi-private flight experience, more isolated and environmentally controlled than larger commercial carriers. So travelers can take flight feeling more confident that the virus isn’t on board and sitting in the seat next to them.

In addition, Staniel Air flies from a private executive airport in Fort Lauderdale. This allows travelers to avoid large, busy airports and crowded terminals, in favor of a much smaller, quieter, private pre-flight venue.

Once arrived in Staniel Cay, an open-air transport takes guests to Staniel Air’s private villas at Lazy Bay, minutes away.

Through its design configuration, Lazy Bay private villas promote ‘COVID-Smart’ lodging. Three 2 bedroom / 2 bath private modern villas sit side-by-side-by-side and include fully equipped kitchens, wifi, housekeeping and breakfast delivered daily. Villas offer large open-air decks and private splash pools that can facilitate as much social distancing as desired. Private chef services are available so that travelers can have a fine dining experience inside their villa, rather than navigating local dining establishments which may be crowded or unfamiliar.

Villas are available as single unit or multi-rentals of 2 or 3. The privacy of a single unit allows safe distancing from others, while the proximity of the three provides accessibility when traveling in a larger group. Villas are intimate enough to accommodate 2, yet expansive enough to sleep up to 18 (all 3). Instead of sharing a single dwelling, larger groups traveling together become ‘neighbors’ during their stay, turning Lazy Bay into a self-contained private resort, complete with boats, wave runners and other amenities onsite.

A recent Lazy Bay guest, well-seasoned travel expert Chris Betzmann of the Betzmann Vlogs shared:

“The Staniel Air / Lazy Bay experience makes it easy to feel good about traveling again. Smaller, more contained venues, like a private villa, are simply smarter choices right now.”

To meet COVID testing requirements for return to the U.S. (or other countries), a rapid-testing service is located near Lazy Bay and is free of charge to travelers.

To book a ‘COVID-Smart’ travel experience, contact Staniel Air at 954-900-2739. Learn more about Staniel Air and Lazy Bay at the following links:

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