Expands Its Data Center Operations To Houston, Texas

Overview Expands Its Data Center Operations To Houston, Texas

1gbps Unmetered Servers

1gbps Unmetered Servers

Our expansion to the Houston data center is a small step for the company, but a giant leap for our growth and expansion into other regions. Because with each new physical locations comes new geographical advantages…, a US-based data center and hosting provider expands its full suite of service offerings with the opening of their new location in Houston, Texas. The 350,000 square feet data center offers top-notch service, 24/7/365 security, as well as the power and security that is perfect for High Performance Computing (HPS) environments.

The Houston-based data center offers an optimized connection to Central America, as well as South America. Same as our Los Angeles location, our Houston data center has the same features of 24/7 on-site security as well as 100% power uptime service level guarantee. Our Houston location is perfect for those looking to expand their hosting infrastructure to the central area, and even boasts a hurricane-resistant facility.

LayerHost clients who have grown to know and love our Los Angeles location will be familiar with the amenities that we provide to all of our clients. Our colocation clients who are visiting the Houston data center will have access to the tech lounge, high-speed WiFi internet, crash carts, free parking, coffee and more.

LayerHost’s CEO Mohamad Kazah states, “Our expansion to the Houston data center is a small step for the company, but a giant leap for our growth and expansion into other regions. Because with each new physical locations come new geographical advantage, the delivery of our complete service packages of data center solutions will give us the opportunity to serve new clients worldwide. We are excited to offer our colocation, dedicated servers, unmetered servers, IP transit, and DDoS mitigation to our clients like never before.”

Choosing to go to Houston, Texas was not an accident for LayerHost. A central location with direct connections to Central America was a keey factor in our decision.

As a commemoration of LayerHost’s new opening of the Houston data center, LayerHost is offering a colocation promotion on their unmetered bandwidth for a limited time only.

You can learn more about their offer by checking out his link.

About LayerHost:

Our roots can be traced back to 2008, when LayerHost started out in the gaming industry as a premier game server provider for such games as: Counter Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat, and Team Fortress Classic. As we continued to grow, we further expanded our options to our clients by providing dedicated servers, ip transit, colocation, and shared hosting services in Los Angeles and Houston area. The next logical step was to apply a robust, layered DDoS mitigation onto all of our services. Our values have not changed since the day we started: we put our customers first above all else. We provide our customers with a service that simply cannot be beat.

Our intention is to continue our tradition of excellence through our highly-trained and professional staff, all while continuing to push for affordable server hosting. Our goal is to provide you with a service that is unbeatable in both quality and price. Come join our family at LayerHost and see first had how dedicated we are towards serving you. If you were to require any assistance, we are here to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

LayerHost’s goals stand as they were from day one as we raise the bar of what is expected from a top of the line performance server. We intend to maintain the professional image that our company has displayed, as well as make it our duty to bring you the most advanced technology server hosting to date.

Day to day we try to do more than expected and to push ourselves over the limit to insure your satisfaction. We are constantly expanding our business to serve you, the client, better.

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