5 Benefits of Bird Control for Farms | Bird-X


5 Benefits of Bird Control for Farms | Bird-X

Farms who specialize in food production are in a constant battle with the birds that want to eat their seeds and crops. But protecting their livelihood isn’t the only reason why farms can benefit from effective and extensive bird control. If you own a farm of any size, you need to be aware of the benefits you could receive by employing bird control devices around your property. Here are just five of those benefits.

1. Prevent Birds Eating Your Seeds

Of course, the number one reason for bird control is to prevent them from eating your freshly sown seeds. Each year you have to allow for a margin of seed failure and try not to worry about how many birds are eating them while you are away. Bird control devices can effectively reduce the number of birds preying on your crops from the moment you sow your seeds.

2. Prevent Birds Eating Your Crops

Some crops won’t be appealing to the local bird population, while others will attract birds from miles around. Berries, grapes, and other seed-like or delicate crops are especially susceptible. Bird control devices can help keep your crops safe.

3. Protect Feedstores

Grains and other foodstuff have to spend some time in barns waiting to be transported or fed to your livestock. During this time, it can fall victim to pests and birds. It is almost impossible to keep birds out of your barns, but these spaces are also ideal for bird repellant devices due to the enclosed (or partially enclosed) space. Whether these birds are eating or simply defecating on your feedstock, they need to be kept out.

4. Prevent Property Damage

When birds choose one of your barns as a home, you can quickly become overwhelmed. While one small nest can be endearing, a flock of unwanted birds can defecate on your machinery and cause damage to paint and steel. They may also choose a dangerous place to nest or drop debris over stored machinery that may malfunction later as a result.

5. Avoid Contamination

Bird waste is a health hazard, and if you employ anyone to work on your farm or if you grow crops for human consumption, you need to be extra cautious about controlling what areas birds can get into. Bird droppings often carry 60-100 pathogens that can cause respiratory infections and stomach viruses, so it’s important you do what you can to keep birds out of storage areas and barns.

If you’re ready to take on your local bird population, go to Bird-X to find a wide-range of bird control devices.

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